Western Heights Water Company Wins Decision for Domain Name

Those of you that may have searched for Western Heights Water Company (WHWC) on the Internet, using Google or other search engine, likely came across a malicious website:


Western Heights Water Company won a decision that this domain now belongs to WHWC.  So, now when you search, will see the company website.

Below is a screen shot from the malicious site.

This malicious site was set up about 2004, apparently with the primary goal to attack Dr. Zappia, who was then the president of the board of directors.  As a shareholder in WHWC, you deserve accurate information about the company and the many decisions made on your behalf.

As with most deceptions and lies, elements of truth are used to mislead and misinform the reader.  This website site does just this.  There is legitimate information and links mingled with misleading information and links.

We know who this person is, but we don’t know why he has gone to such great lengths to attack Dr. Zappia and WHWC. As best we can tell, he is not a customer of the water company, so has no vested interest. The information states how much money the company has spent in legal fees to curb his activities. What is not mentioned is that we spent this money solely because of his malicious intents.  If not for him, we could have used this money for better purposes. We recognize his right to free speech and expression, but we object to the deceptive way he deploys his message.

If his activities make you unhappy, you can contact him and let him know.  This is the link from his malicious website:


This person has already setup another malicious website: westernheightswater.info.  So, please beware!

WHWC owns the domains for .com, .net and .org.  So, future internet searches should find the official company website.

The goal of WHWC is to provide our shareholders with affordable, safe, and reliable water.  We are transparent in our activities.  We publish our board meeting agenda and meeting minutes each month.  You, as a shareholder, are welcome to attend the board meetings.  We conduct an annual shareholder meeting and publish a financial audit of the company each year.  We want you to be well informed about the company.

We are happy to hear any comments or concerns you have.  You can call us, email us or stop by the office anytime!


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