Rates & Fees

Water bills are sent to the shareholder bi-monthly and reflect the following information representing the total amount due:

  • Water usage during the  2-month billing period
  • Cost of water used
  • Basic water service charge
  • Imported water service charge
  • Bi-monthly assessment
  • Special assessment installment, if levied
  • Late payment charge (if Past Due)
  • Turn-on fee (if service turned off)
Current water service rates:

Effective May 1, 2019 Western Heights Water Company adopted a new Four Tier Rate Structure to meet the goals of:

  • Financial stability and preparedness
  • Fair and equal allocation and access to local groundwater
  • Reliance on imported water to meet future needs
  • Assignment of costs for growth and resiliency to high water users

Listed below are the water rates as of July 1, 2023:

Water Usage Charge
  Units/Share Cost/Unit
Tier I – Base Rate 24 $1.80
Tier II – Outdoor 25-36 $2.47
Tier III – High Rate 37-120 $3.39
Tier IV – Conservation >120 $4.69


Size Basic Meter Charge
5/8 & 3/4 $52.05
1 $72.74
1 1/2 $103.72
2 $140.14
3 $213.04
4 $312.29
6 $554.65


Use our bill estimator to find out how the rates will affect you.

Need more stock? Got too much? Adjust the Stock Allowance and/or Units Used as needed to discover where you can
save money. You can find your Units Used, Basic Charges, and Current Charges on your latest statement.

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