Rates & Fees

Water bills are sent to the shareholder bi-monthly and reflect the following information representing the total amount due:

  • Water usage during the  2-month billing period
  • Cost of water used
  • Basic water service charge
  • Imported water service charge
  • Annual assessment installment, if levied
  • Special assessment installment, if levied
  • Late payment charge (if Past Due)
  • Turn-on fee (if service turned off)
Current water service rates:

Effective May 1, 2019 Western Heights Water Company adopted a new Four Tier Rate Structure to meet the goals of:

  • Financial stability and preparedness
  • Fair and equal allocation and access to local groundwater
  • Reliance on imported water to meet future needs
  • Assignment of costs for growth and resiliency to high water users

The changes are outlined below.

Use our rate calculator to find out how the rates will affect you.

Need more stock? Got too much? Adjust the Stock Allowance and/or Units Used as needed to discover where you can
save money. You can find your Units Used, Basic Charges, and Current Charges on your latest statement.

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