Water Service Entitlement

To receive water service from the company, one (1) share of stock is required for each meter. The share of stock is assigned to a specific property and will remain assigned to that property as long as all bills are paid. Should the bill become delinquent and unpaid for a specific period of time, the share of stock will be forfeited back to the company and the water service will be discontinued at the service address.
To re-establish water service, a new share of stock must be purchased from the company at its current price and all of the unpaid outstanding balances must be paid in full.
Please note that WHWC stock has no speculative trading value.  For example, WHWC Company stock is not bought and sold  on the New York Stock Exchange. Stock shares entitle the owner to water service only. Should the proposed water service be located in an area where no water pipelines (water mains) exist, the shareholder will be required to pay for the installation of new pipelines required to provide water service to the identified service location.
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