Company History

In February 2012, Western Heights Water Company was proud to celebrate 100 years of service to our customers. The history of the company begins with the founding of the Redlands and Yucaipa Water Company in 1910.
Western Heights Water Company was originally part of Yucaipa Water Company No. 2, part of the Redlands and Yucaipa Water Company. On February 19, 1912, Yucaipa Water Company No. 2 was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. And in 1913 the company changed its name to Western Heights Water Company.
The company was located at 209 Orange Street in Redlands until 1920 when it moved to the Corner of 4th and State Street in Redlands. Between 1920 and 1959 the company was located at 21 North Street in Redlands before finally settling in its current location at 32352 Avenue D, Yucaipa on June 15, 1959.
Western Heights Water Company has 2,210 potable water services in Yucaipa and part of Redlands and our service area covers approximately four square miles. Our water comes from five groundwater recharge wells and is stored in three reservoirs with a total capacity of 4.5 million gallons.
Because WHWC is an incorporated mutual water company, it is owned and supported by its shareholders. All administrative, operating expenses and capital improvements which consist of new wells, reservoirs, and pipelines (distribution system) are supported through water rates, annual and special assessments.
A five-member Board of Directors governs the company, and they are required to be shareholders.  The Board’s authority is established by the By-laws, which comply with all State and Federal Regulations. The Board is responsible for Company policies and decision-making. Day-to-day operations are supervised by General Manager Mark Iverson.