Lead Service Line Update for WHWC Shareholders:

State law (SB1398 and SB427) requires that community water systems conduct an inventory of lead pipes, fittings, or other pieces of equipment, report this information and develop a plan to replace any lead in the water system.

Western Heights Water Company has inventoried the system and developed a plan to remove lead pipes, fittings, or other pieces of equipment up to each property owner’s water meter, to ensure that the Western Heights Community meets all state requirements.

At the recommendation of the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) we need to inform you that the lines and fittings on the customer side of the water meter – the water lines between the water meter and the home –  are the responsibility of the homeowner/shareholder to replace.  Over the last several years the SWRCB has created an interactive map of the location lead service lines serving homes in the state.  If you have service lines that were installed before 2006, you may have piping or fittings than contain lead.  You may want to check and possibly replace them.

Additional information is available in the SWRCB Frequently Asked Questions flyer for homeowners by clicking here.


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